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Owners, Kairos Artistry

My name is Sam Robertson.  I was born and raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Burnsville, NC.  My wife, Christen, and I ventured into photography when we were on our honeymoon in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park fourteen years ago.  While we were in the park, we took in the gorgeous views and breathtaking scenery—trying to catch as much as possible on camera.  Not only was it a beautiful place, but it was an escape from the world of technology that surrounds us and the busyness that life in general brings.  We fell in love with every part of it!  Over the years, we’ve traveled back for our anniversary—making it a point to see what kind of unique scenic and wildlife photos we could catch on film in order to take back with us to our “real world.” 


From there, Kairos Artistry was born.  We began producing various prints in various frames and forms—adding scripture and encouraging words that speak the most to our hearts when we think of that particular moment.  We also began offering real estate photography and videography, including the use of a drone. 


No matter the photo we're capturing, it is our sincerest hope that our photos capture your attention and touch your heart in a special way. We hope that you are blessed by them and are able to enjoy them just as much as we did in the moments they were captured.  

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